Jet Ski lovers ‘Get A Grip’ with the Strong Arm Strap™

Jet Ski lovers ‘Get A Grip’ with the  Strong Arm Strap™

We hear this commonly said when people try the Strong Arm Strap™ for the first time - “that is so easy!”

This tool is taking the market by storm! The news is spreading like wildfire in the Personal Watercraft (PWC) market, building awareness of the unlimited uses it has. It is multipurpose and aids in pulling heavy objects with ease. It really is a game changer.

One of our customers recently handed the Strong Arm Strap™ to his friend during a day on the water–

“I actually might need one of these gadgets….that is so easy” She said as she pulled her Sea-Doo off the beach back into the waters to make their way home.

No real instruction needed, simply hook the strap on, stand with strong posture and pull using your body weight. Once you get a grip with the Strong Arm Strap™ you realise it’s a way better option.

Having been used for over 15 years in the transport/logistics industry, this simple innovation is now used in hundreds of different ways. Whether opening truck curtains, dragging jet skis off the beach, pulling a heavy esky, removing stiff tent pegs, or anything in between, the Strong Arm Strap™ makes your work 'Easier, Safer & Stronger' 💪

What was designed for truckies, is now loved by all!

We recently heard from a very disappointed customer…..disappointed that they didn’t have this tool when they used to own a Jetski.

“All those times we spent labouring, trying to get the beached ski back in the water”…“if only we knew about it back then”.

They get a grip with the Strong Arm Strap™ around their rural property now instead. “We couldn’t live without it” they tell us “If you haven’t got one, go get a grip!”

Come and see us to try one for yourself at the 4x4 Outdoor Show Brisbane (17-19 Mar 2023) stand JR12, or the Nambour Expo 2023 stand OA102.