Pull curtains,
not muscles

The original tautliner puller

The simple, revolutionary device makes it easy for truck drivers when opening and closing heavy tautliner truck curtains.

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No more over-stretching or straining

The Strong Arm Strap allows transport workers to safely open and close truck curtains using the correct muscles and postures, helping to prevent injury.

Hook it in. Stand strong. Pull smoothly.

The ergonomic design allows workers to keep their arms close to their body as they pull - using their core strength and reducing the risk of over-stretching.

Preventing injuries & saving companies thousands.

“The Strong Arm Strap makes light work of hard to move curtains, saving workers from long-term potential injuries.” - Matthew, BevChain

Strong Arm Strap
Strong Arm Strap
Strong Arm Strap
Strong Arm Strap
Strong Arm Strap
Strong Arm Strap
Strong Arm Strap
Strong Arm Strap

Strong Arm Strap

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Whether opening and closing tautliner truck curtains, dragging a heavy esky, removing stiff tent pegs, or pulling a boat or jetski - simply hook the Strong Arm Strap on and pull with ease, not injury! This “back-saving invention”  is a must-have item to add to your 4X4, camping, boating or fishing kit!

The strap hooks onto just about anything (saving fingers and hands from possible injury) and allows you to keep your arms close to your body as you pull, using your core strength and reducing the risk of over-stretching (saving back and shoulder/arm injuries).

Ergonomic design features include:

  • Stronger pulling position for arms
  • Force occurs below shoulder height
  • Strongest wrist posture
  • Elbows are held close to body
  • Handle design fits your hand for secure grip
  • Improves trunk/back postures when used correctly

Used and trusted by some of the largest logistics companies in Australia for over 10 years, this multi-purpose device is now loved by ALL!

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Don't take our word for it


"All BevChain shuttle drivers from the XXXX Brewery really like using the Strong Arm Strap. It makes opening side curtains much easier and puts less strain on our bodies."

Malcolm Tom

BevChain Driver


“I can’t believe I hadn't heard of these before. I would have supplied all my many truckies with them! I’m really pleased I know about these now.”


JPS Employment


“We all know that seat belts save lives... Well, now we know that the Strong Arm Strap prevents shoulder injuries!"

Chris Hensworth



"The strap is used by truck drivers returning to work after injury - to help them with taut liner straps etc. There are a lot of uses for this on a truck."


Allen Miller Transport Training


"The Strong Arm Strap stops finger pains and forearm and shoulders injuries too!"


United Kingdom

Designed by experts

Created by occupational therapists and experts in the trucking industry, the Strong Arm Strap is designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries to the back, shoulder, upper limbs and neck.

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